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Warehousing and Storage apprenticeships

We currently offer modern apprenticeships in Warehousing and Storage operations. Our excellent range of facilities ensure that we are one of the UK's leading providers of apprenticeship courses.

What are Warehousing and Storage apprenticeships?

As a Warehousing and Storage apprentice, you'll have the chance earn a wage while you develop new skills. The apprenticeship will take place at your workplace and at our training centre and a training plan will be devised for you.

Depending on which course you choose, you'll learn:

  • Warehouse practices and processes
  • The safe use of warehouse equipment, including mechanical racking equipment, forklift and pallet trucks.
  • How to use barcoding systems and warehousing management software.

Warehousing and Storage Modern Apprenticeships take about a year to achieve. The cost for your course can vary and, depending on circumstances, there may be funding available.

Warehousing and Storage apprenticeships at GTG

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