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Microsoft Excel 2016 - Introduction

Course Code - IT138

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Course Summary

The primary objective of all Excel training courses is to increase each participant's overall ability and confidence in using Excel features that can be directly applied to their work. The aim on this first level of Excel training is firstly for attendees to become confident enough to try working with Excel features to see for themselves the workload benefits that spreadsheet use can bring. The next aim is for attendees to be independently familiar enough with how Excel works at a basic level to be able to do so after training when back at work.

Training therefore covers:

• Familiarity with the application interface, navigation and essential tool functions

• Understanding initial steps involved in creating or editing and saving basic spreadsheets

• Working with information in cells and changing appearance for clarity or emphasis

• Sharing or presenting information by preparation for printing data, perhaps simple charts


Course Prerequisites

Beyond a basic ability in using keyboards and mouse or touchpads with computers, no previous experience is assumed.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for people who are either new or relatively unfamiliar with Excel 2016.The course will also be very helpful for people who have already been working with the simple essentials of Excel 2016 for straightforward tasks - who now wish to make sure that they have a good firm grasp of the core skills needed to use the application in a confident way within the workplace.

Course Certification

GTG Certificated