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Microsoft Excel 2016 - Advanced

Course Code - IT041

Prices from £200.00

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Course Summary

A hands-on instructor-led Microsoft Excel training course allowing people based in Scotland with an existing knowledge of Excel fundamentals to improve their skills and create better spreadsheets. A useful capability with analysing and presenting data with Excel is achieved through learning, discussion and practice with an expert trainer in a professional classroom environment.

Course Content

• Consolidate data in different workbooks Advanced List Management

• Subtotals

• Data Validation

• Database Functions Analysing Data

• Goal Seek

• Solver

• Scenarios

• Trendlines Pivot Tables

• Creating a PivotTable

• Rearranging PivotTables

• Formatting PivotTables

• PivotCharts

• Create Slicers Collaborating with Other Users

• Protect a Worksheet

• Protect Workbooks

• Set a Workbook password

• Share a Workbook

• Set Revision Tracking Advanced Formulas

• Using Names

• Decision-making

• Nesting

• Financial functions

• Match and Index Macros

• Record a Macro

• Run a Macro

• Attach a Macro to a button Importing and Exporting data

• Importing data

• Exporting data


Course Prerequisites

Attendees should certainly already have a working capability with Excel prior to coming along to this training event. It will have been useful to have previously attended an Excel Managing Data course and/or perhaps an Excel 2016 Presenting Information course - or alternatively already have been accomplishing spreadsheet tasks working within Excel for a period of time.

Who Should Attend?

This training is for existing Excel 2016 users and is designed to be an advanced level training course for people who would like to achieve a high level of capability in what Excel 2016 is capable of.

Course Certification

GTG Certificated