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Coaching for Success

Course Code - BS040

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Course Summary

This programme has been specifically developed to provide participants with a structured approach to leading coaching conversations in the workplace. They will discover the key elements of successful coaching and deliver a short coaching session using the skills they’ve learned.

The key aim of the programme is to make sure that coaches drive results by supporting employees in their learning. This enables coaches by developing the skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to successfully deliver empowering coaching opportunities.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define what coaching is and explain its role in the workplace.
  • Identify the stages of competence in their team members.
  • Explain the manager’s role in the coaching process.
  • Create a positive coaching environment.
  • Use the GROW model to facilitate successful coaching conversations.
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    Course Prerequisites

    This course is aimed at new and experienced supervisors and managers with a responsibility for coaching team members.

    Key Benefits

    Course content

    • The benefits of coaching
    • Learners will discover what is meant by coaching and how it differs from mentoring, buddying and training. Using this definition, participants will gain an understanding of the key benefits coaching can bring in a management setting.

    How we learn

    • Participants will gain powerful insight into how people learn and where coaching fits in the process.
    • Structuring and planning coaching interventions
    • Participants will learn how to plan and structure their coaching interventions using the GROW model.

    Focused communications

    • This session in the training will focus on key areas of communication that can make coaching successful. Participants will gain enhanced questioning and listening techniques from fun, practical exercises.

    Goal setting

    • A skilled coach understands how to support their coachee in setting goals that help them develop. Participants will understand the key ingredients of an effective goal as well as the non-directive questions they can ask to help their coachee set them

    Feedback in coaching

    • The ability to deliver feedback in a way that builds the confidence of the participant is a key skills of the performance coach. In this session, participants will learn the principles and a simple structure they can use to deliver highly motivational feedback that fuels the development of their team.


    • All participants will be invited to practice delivering a short coaching session in a supportive environment so that they leave with confidence in applying what they have learned.

    Evaluating the effectiveness of coaching

    • This workshop aims to support coaches continual learning. With this in mind, all participants will leave with strategies on how they can continually get feedback on their coaching skills.

    Course Certification

    GTG Certificate

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