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What this apprenticeship teaches you

The Customer Service Level 2 apprenticeship provides customer-focused staff with a qualification that demonstrates they possess the skills and knowledge to carry out their role to a professional standard.

In addition it confirms to the employee that they have a range of flexible skills backed up by a nationally recognised vocational qualification.

Why choose this apprenticeship

This qualification is for those who are currently working in or who wish to work as frontline members of staff in a customer-focused position within their company or organisation. It is designed for those people who:

  • Are involved in customer service as their primary work activity
  • Are seeking a career in customer service and wish to take the first steps towards professional qualification
  • Wish to receive recognition for their customer service experience

How the apprenticeship works

There are a total of seven units to be achieved to complete the qualification. These comprise of two mandatory units plus five others selected from a group of optional units.

Candidates will normally be expected to complete the award within six to nine months.

How the assessment works

As well as completing the required units, you'll also be required to write reports and statements to show your assessor how you meet the requirements of each particular section of the vocational qualification. Assessments will be carried out on site at the candidate's workplace and will take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

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