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What this apprenticeship teaches you

The Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance apprenticeship provides prospective bus and coach technicians with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out the role of an automotive technician.

At the point of recruitment, a specific trade would be selected, e.g. mechanical, electrical, coachbuilder or MechElec (a combination of mechanical and electrical). Engineering technicians work on all systems of the vehicles in respect of their specific trade.

The work ranges from performing simple tasks, like replacing a part, to solving complex faults often using diagnostic equipment.

Examples of units covered in this apprenticeship are:

  • Conducting the inspection of buses/coaches
  • Contributing to safe working practices in Bus/Coach Engineering and Maintenance
  • Carrying out scheduled electrical maintenance
  • Diagnosing and repairing electrical & mechanical faults in bus/coach systems and components
  • Carrying out scheduled electrical & mechanical maintenance on buses/coaches

Why choose this apprenticeship

The Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance apprenticeship is great for employers, helping businesses build a stronger, more confident workforce equipped with greater skills.

Our Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance apprenticeship is designed for candidates who do not hold a formal qualification.

How the apprenticeship works

When studying a motor vehicle qualification, the apprentice will be assessed and reviewed regularly to ensure apprentices achieve the required skills to successfully complete their apprenticeships. Candidates are expected to complete their apprenticeships within 36 months.

How the assessment works

The apprentice will attend GTG Training's purpose-built motor vehicle workshop on a block release basis. As part of the programme the employer and training provider will assess the progressive development via assessments at the end of Gateway's 1 and 2. The final End Point Assessment will consist of on-line knowledge, practical skills tests and a professional discussion.

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