Been invited to interview for an apprenticeship? Follow these tips and you'll make a great impression.


If you've applied for an apprenticeship at GTG and been selected for interview, congratulations! You're one step closer to an exciting new career and the job of your dreams. Now you have to create a positive impression at your interview. For many apprentices, this will be their first ever job interview, so it's really understandable if you're feeling a bit unsure. Don't worry, with this handy guide, you'll pass with flying colours.

Make a great first impression

We don't expect you to rock up in designer clothes, but you do have to dress smartly for your apprenticeship interview. Remember, the way you present yourself says a lot to the interviewer about your attitude towards the job. This also goes for things like showing up on time and following instructions. It sounds obvious, but your interviewer will want to believe you can be depended on to get to work on time and do a good job.

Think about your body language

When you walk in, you might feel a little bit nervous. This is perfectly natural, and happens to everyone, no matter how many interviews they've been to before. Take a deep breath, smile and shake your interviewer's hand. You've got this! Over 50% of the way other people see you comes from your body language. Just think: if you walk into a room with your shoulders hunched and mumble at the floor, you could come across like you don't care very much. Sitting upright, making eye contact and paying close attention to the interviewer will help you come across well - and stay focused on their questions.

Stay positive

The person interviewing you wants you to do well, and will do what they can to put you at ease. They might even be your future line manager. Don't worry, they won't be expecting you to have loads of experience. They understand that as a future apprentice, you might not have any at all. What they will be looking for is loads of enthusiasm about the role and a willingness to learn. Stay as positive as you can and your great attitude will shine through!

Know the job

If you've applied for a specific apprenticeship, you'll need to show a genuine interest in it. You might be asked if you know much about what the role involves, or why you've decided to apply for that apprenticeship over any other. If you've read the information we give on our apprenticeships, this should be easy! Remember, you can talk about some of the experiences you've had at school or in your personal life if you don't have any existing work experience - life experience is just as relevant.

Have a practice run

Never been for an interview before? A great tip is to have a practice first. Grab a family member or ask someone at school if they'd be up for giving it a go. Even a bit of practice with a friend is a great way to beat any nerves and get into the right mindset. You might feel self-conscious, but we guarantee you'll go into your interview more confident if you do.

Not quite at the interview stage of the process yet?

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