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You might have heard that GTG offers flexible space for events and conferences, but you may not be aware that companies can hire our automotive facilities in the longer term for manufacturer training.

Tom Everill delivers technical training for Mercedes-Benz at GTG West Midlands. We managed to catch up with him for a quick Q&A between classes to talk about training, learning and how to overcome challenges.

What do you do at GTG?

I teach Mercedes-Benz technical training courses that qualify Mercedes-Benz workshop technicians. I used to be a workshop technician myself, so this gave me the base knowledge I needed to become a technical trainer.

How long has Mercedes-Benz been using the space at GTG?

We have been using the GTG facilities for nearly three years now, and experienced great hospitality throughout. The premises have a very warm and welcoming feeling to them, making everyone who comes to visit feel at ease.

What kind of jobs can an automotive technical course help people get onto?

These courses give newcomers a foothold in the industry, so you could start in a variety of positions and environments.

What kinds of things can a learner look forward to when they take your course?

High energy, engaging and informed learning. The best way to keep trainees engaged is to keep the training fun and informative.

What does it take to be a great trainer?

Passion for what you are delivering!

What's the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Positive feedback from people attending my course is the most rewarding part.

How do you help learners overcome challenges?

Motivate them to believe they can do it! Anything is possible. If you disagree, check out Richie Parker - he was born with no arms and he's a car designer and mechanic in NASCAR.

For training facilities for your business, GTG can help

As well as working with companies to give them access to the latest technology and onsite facilities, GTG is keen to build long-term relationships with businesses to help them grow the skills of their workforce.

Tracey McCallum, GTG Conference and Facilities Manager says: 'At GTG West Midlands, we see Mercedes-Benz as very much part of our team and they play a huge role in making the customer experience better. We are proud to work in partnership with them and are equally invested in ensuring the best quality training for all our delegates.'

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