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Annual audit

We'll provide an audit to HSG65 standards and our advisors will assess your current management systems and procedures. The audit report will reflect the level of compliance to the standard and you'll be able to see it within 24 hours of completion. After that, any concerns are compiled into an action plan.

One-to-one compliance review(s) - premises and non-premises

Compliance reviews are designed to measure, monitor and compile improvements to your health and safety management system.

A blended health and safety review can be delivered as an in-depth inspection of your premises or as a review of your compliance documents and software.

Advisors can help you manage safety compliance, and make sure you're given effective reviews throughout the duration of your contract. We'll give you the contact details of all advisors within the team, so you can access expert advice when you need it.

Fire risk assessment

An advisor will conduct a full fire risk assessment every two years and will identify key strategies and action plans for your business, in keeping with current UK regulations. This process will also identify any staff training needs.

Complimentary services Details

Safety, health, environment and fire folder

As part of this service, we'll provide you with a folder containing templates for compilation of risk assessments, policies and regulatory information.

Our general risk assessment templates are designed to make sure that each duty identifies site and task specific risks apparent within the business. GTG will not carry out these assessments, but we can help you to prepare them.

COSHH risk assessment templates will ensure that as you develop each assessment in line with legal requirements, the control, training and notification to all employees is contained, if they're at risk or exposed to substances hazardous to health.

We've made DSE self-assessment templates available for your employees to complete, and these will be reviewed by a competent person to make sure that any action points raised are applied throughout the business.

Young person assessment templates are also available and designed to help line managers complete paperwork for any staff within this bracket.

Lone worker information contains current legislation on the risks to any staff within this bracket and includes relevant controls to help you comply with legislation.

Accident reporting and investigation

No matter what option you choose, we can advise and review your business's accident reporting procedures, and help with the recording of serious accidents and incidents in your business, in keeping with HSE legislation.

For an additional fee, we can also carry out a full accident investigation.


As part of this service, we'll also distribute monthly newsletters, which will include a template toolbox talk and any updated health and safety legislation.

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