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If you are keen to pursue a new career opportunity within the Transport & Logistics industry, GTG will train you to achieve your Category C licence and also assist with setting up an employer interview upon completion of your training. Please note that eligibility criteria will apply.

Those joining the programme must:

  • Hold a valid driver’s licence.
  • Have a minimum of 12 months’ driving experience.
  • Have no more than 6 penalty points.
  • Have no DD/DR (drink driving or drug) offences on your licence.
  • Have a keen interest in joining the Transport & Logistics industry.

Stage 1

Candidates will attend GTG Training Glasgow or Edinburgh to complete their LGV medical in order to obtain the provisional licence. Candidates will be issued with study material to prepare for their theory tests. Please note that theory tests cannot be taken until the candidate is in possession of their LGV provisional licence.

Stage 2

Candidates will attend GTG Training Glasgow or Edinburgh to attend a mock theory session with one of our instructors. This gives the candidates the opportunity to take mock theory tests in preparation for their actual tests.

Stage 3

The provisional licence will be returned from the DVLA to allow candidates to sit their theory tests. Please also note that if candidates have any previous / current medical conditions, this may hold up the process at the DVLA and it can take longer for the licence to be returned.

Stage 4

On successful completion of their theory tests, candidates will attend GTG Training for five days for their LGV training and test.

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