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Vehicle Battery Starting & Charging Systems

Course Code - AUME203

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Course Summary

With the electronic content on vehicles continuing to increase, it's critical that today's technician has a solid understanding of Battery starting & charging systems. These systems do not just start and charge, they monitor, control & feedback to engine management systems and are now complex systems on their own right. This course is designed for technicians who are looking to improve their understanding of these systems, leading to a consistent first time diagnosis using correct procedures and equipment.


Additional Information

This is a one day course with a mixture of theory and workshop practical activities

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Key Benefits

The aim of this course is to provide an understanding of the

Fundamentals of these systems and correct diagnosis of faults.

  • Identification of main components and how to check
  • Parasitic drain tests
  • Correct use of multimeter, amp clamp, oscilloscope and OBD systems
  • Provide an understanding of modern Battery technology AGM, GEL and the Battery Management systems now fitted to today’s vehicles.
  • The course will centre on practical exercises, both in the classroom and on-vehicle using a range of equipment.
  • Voltage & current checks
  • Voltage drop checks

Who Should Attend?

Technicians looking for an in-depth knowledge of advanced electrical systems, measurements and diagnostic strategy in the above systems.

Course Certification

GTG Certificated

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