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The Performance Appraisal

Course Code - BS038

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Course Summary

Why have an appraisal? Gain a clear understanding of the key purpose of a successful performance appraisal, what they should achieve and why some do not work. Everyone will gain a clear understanding of the steps in the appraisal process and how they fit in with their leadership approach. Everyone will participate in learning about setting goals and will have set an effective SMART goal for themselves or their team.

Everyone will learn about the psychology of how we are motivated and how this fuels their approach to the performance discussion. In doing so, everyone will understand why both motivational and developmental feedback are vital.

Everyone will take part in a full analysis of the preparation required from both the manager and the reviewee.

Listening and using a variety of question types to lead an effective performance discussion.

Everyone will find out how important it is to deliver accurate motivational and developmental feedback. Everyone will discover and deliver feedback for a team member using a proven and effective structure.


Course Prerequisites

Who Should Attend?

This course is aimed at new and experienced supervisors and managers with a responsibility for facilitating staff appraisals.

Course Certification

GTG Certificate