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IMI Accreditation Light Vehicle Inspection Technician Preparation and Assessment

Course Code - AUME37

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Course Summary

Familiarisation Days

This familiarisation training is to acquaint with the aspects of light vehicle technician brakes and electrics prior to attending IMI accredited light vehicle Inspection technician assessment.

Light Vehicle Inspection Technician

This assessment is designed for technicians whose job role involves the inspection, maintenance and repair of light vehicles. Candidates will have to successfully complete a range of practical and knowledge based assessments. IMI Accreditation is achieved through full assessment, which involves the completion of all practical and knowledge bases and assessments at each level. The accreditation will certify the technicians ability to use emission-testing equipment for both petrol and diesel vehicles, as well as to accurately analyse the results of these emission tests. Achievement ensures that candidates meet the requirements to take the MOT tester course. On completion of this assessment, inspection technicians will be able to calibrate emission test equipment before testing a vehicle, accurately inspect a vehicle, diagnose faults and correct repair requirements. As well as having the knowledge of the appropriate wiring diagram required for the electrical systems of the vehicles being tested and the skill to apply it.


Additional Information

** Please remember to bring boots and overalls with you **

IMI Application Form can be found HERE

Please return completed application forms to at least 1 week prior to attending the course.

We would recommended technicians attend this 2-day training prior to attending light vehicle inspection assessment. This will help to familiarise you with the use of measurement equipment, multi meters and wiring diagrams.

If you have any questions in relation to this course, please do not hesitate to email

Key Benefits


  • An IMI accredited certificate
  • Inclusion on the IMI professional register
  • Industry wide recognition of their skills and abilities
  • Advice and guidance for development
  • An opportunity for career progression


  • It will assure you as a garage owner and your customers that your technicians are up to the National Occupational Standards
  • Proof of current technical competence and professional responsibility
  • A benchmark for technician recruitment and training

Who Should Attend?

Anyone wishing to familiarise themselves the IMI light vehicle inspection technician brakes and electrics.

Technicians with a minimum of 3 years' experience, who wish to gain a nationally recognised accreditation.

Technicians looking to become an MOT tester with a minimum 4-years experience of working in this field.

Course Certification

IMI Certificated - IMI Certification fee of £63 will be added at checkout

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