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IMI Accreditation Autoglazing - Bodyshop Technician Preparation and Assessment (ATA)

Course Code - AUBP04a

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Course Summary

The familiarisation days are optional preparation days which we recommend to give glazing technicians the chance to familiarise themselves with GTG training techniques, and also prepare technicians with awareness of the skills & knowledge required before the IMI assessment day.

The IMI Accreditation in Autoglazing is intended for technicians whose role involves the repair of vehicles typically involved in accidents or similar circumstances. The accreditation certifies technician' ability to Body Shop Autoglazing technician level. This accreditation will demonstrate the technicians ability to:

  • Prepare the vehicle with the appropriate level of protection for the task both for exterior and interior
  • Remove bonded 1/4 glazing unit without causing damage to the vehicle body or glass
  • Identify the method and procedure required to refit the bonded 1/4 glazing unit to the vehicle

Course Prerequisites

Technicians should be working in the glazing sector of the Automotive industry and ideally have at least 2 years’ experience to ensure familiarity with the associated skills, knowledge & techniques

Additional Information

IMI Application Form can be found HERE

Please return completed application forms to at least 1 week prior to attending the course.

If you have any questions in relation to this course, please do not hesitate to email

Key Benefits

The familiarisation days assists with the passing of the IMI Accreditation Autoglazing - Bodyshop Technician (ATA) Full Route - ACC-AGBT-3-19 qualification.


  • An IMI accredited certificate
  • Inclusion on the IMI professional register
  • Industry wide recognition on their skills and ability confidence
  • Advice and guidance for development
  • An opportunity for career progression


  • It will assure you as a garage owner and your customers that your technicians are up to the National Occupational Standards
  • Proof of current technical competence and professional responsibility
  • A benchmark for technician recruitment and training

Course Certification

IMI Certificated - IMI Certification fee of £63.00 will be added at checkout

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