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Improve your health and safety knowledge with the IOSH Managing Safely course.

It's important to sharpen up your health and safety knowledge - even when you've already started climbing the ladder. We asked Lynsey Tinto, Health and Safety Manager at GTG Glasgow, to explain what this course is all about.

What is the IOSH Managing Safely course?

IOSH Managing Safely is an internationally-recognised qualification which covers a range of health and safety topics as well as environmental basics.

'The course comprises seven core modules across three days in the classroom, as well as additional study which of up to 18 hours' study time, before a formal assessment and work-based project.'

Who is the course best suited to?

'It's most suited to people in management, supervisory or team-leading roles - people can sit this course while working in, or working towards management positions in a diverse range of industries and sectors.'

What makes this course so worthwhile for managers?

'It will help candidates to better assess and control risks and hazards once they return to management in their places of work, and build a greater awareness of the responsibility they have in relation to health and safety provision in the workplace.

'Importantly, it will put learners in a better position to investigate incidents at work, and act according to modern health and safety norms.

'What's more, it's internationally recognised, and well respected by businesses. This sort of health and safety expertise boosts an organisation's reputation within the supply chain.'

In which other ways does it help businesses?

'Managers implementing changes based on a better health and safety understanding should mean fewer accidents or incidents throughout their place of work, and mean employees are healthier, absent from work less, and the business as a whole becomes more productive.'

How does a candidate learn during IOSH Managing Safely?

'This course is often thought-provoking. Managers attending this course will have recognisable scenarios, and memorable case studies, to draw upon within the modules, preparing them for a return to their place of work.

'They will also learn in an engaging way, through interactive quizzes and informal discussions.'

What do you need to study the course at GTG?

'No previous health and safety experience is required for studying an IOSH Managing Safely course.'

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