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Group Quality Manager Rosie Heron has been with GTG for almost 23 years. It's Rosie's job to uphold training standards across the business - a complex role with lots of responsibilities, from overseeing policy to observing and assessing daily teaching.

A passionate advocate of apprenticeship training, Rosie believes that it's vital for UK employers to invest in new talent. We catch up with her to find out what makes her tick, and why GTG is the place for trainees not just to learn new skills, but to enhance their personal development, too.

What's a typical day like?

Every day is different and there are so many challenges. We deliver training to people and often hear the outcomes of that - which is immensely satisfying. My role includes observing teaching, learning and assessment, upholding best practice and achieving our regulatory obligations. It requires a mixture of IT, literacy, communication, management and organisational skills to ensure that I meet the needs of all stakeholders. I prepare myself for the day ahead by producing a set of tasks, these tasks are broken down into daily activities and I review this at the end of each week to ensure that targets are met.

Would you recommend working for GTG?

Yes! GTG is a progressive and innovative training provider with abundant opportunities for dedicated individuals. At GTG we don't sit still, we face a constant stream of challenges within the industry to develop our services in accommodating our business partners.

Why should young people consider an apprenticeship at GTG?

There's no better way to undertake a career path, earn and learn and not build up debt. An apprenticeship also ensures that as a new or existing employee you are given specific vocational training to enhance your competence and personal development. You are challenged and educated more than you would imagine.

Why should businesses encourage apprentices into their workforce?

The UK has always produced innovative, forward-thinking people. The only way to continue that - not just for your business, but for industry and the UK as a whole - is to invest in training, personal development and vital core skills. No business can survive without a stream of people progressing through the ranks to carry on their hard work and key values. An apprentice will give you this and so much more. They are effective, hungry to learn, passionate, mature and fully supported by their educators to be the best they can be and are the lifeblood of your business.

What's rewarding about your role?

The positive energy around those who teach for a living, and the outcomes of their hard work. Watching learners on the journey to becoming proud, passionate, competent and well-mannered individuals. To hear about their upward career path intentions and very often to see it as it happens.

What's the best piece of wisdom you choose to share with your trainees?

Always ask questions. Don't sit back and worry that you don't understand what is being taught - no question is a silly question! Be brave, and be prepared to learn a lifetime of new lessons. Always remember that some days will be good and some will be challenging - but never give up!