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Whether you'd like to embark on a new career path or seek out a specialism, there's a huge range of courses out there to help you sharpen your skills. We're going to look at six main disciplines that could take you and your colleagues' work to new heights.

Automotive technical

If you've a thirst for knowledge and want to become a Modern Apprentice, you can learn an array of automotive technical skills from vehicle maintenance and body repair, to vehicle refinishing and parts.

Automotive technical courses prepare you for a great career in the industry; identifying and solving problems and returning cars to their top condition as a light vehicle technician; giving cars back their dazzling colour as a body and paint technician; or learning an engineering skill in demand the world over, with BSI- and IMI-accredited welding courses.

Business skills

It is time to boost your business savvy? Are your responsibilities growing beyond the desk? Leading a team can be daunting, sure, but there are lots of tools to get you prepared for the demands of the modern workplace.

Business skills courses can hone your presentation skills, make you a sharper salesperson, and as your team expands, prepare you for pacifying any workplace issues through conflict resolution. And don't forget, just one day could revitalise your working life; a time management course could help mould a more organised you.

Computer and IT

If you aspire to excel at Excel, or simply feel it's time to brush up on your software skills, there are spreadsheets' worth of course material out there, all designed to help you reach your goals.

You might want to embark on beginners' modules across the Microsoft range; there are courses in Word, Excel and PowerPoint that can be completed in a day, while lots of intermediate and advanced-level courses are out there too, helping you build new levels of computing confidence, no matter what your skill level.

Health and safety

Ensuring your workplace is safe for you, your colleagues and visitors is everyone's responsibility at work. In fact, it's the law, so it's vitally important you're clued up and ready to set a good example throughout your working day.

You could do your bit for office safety and become a fire safety warden or certified first aider. With health and safety courses you'll be able to learn about employers' obligations under Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations, give your body a helping hand with a manual handling course, or even sit a health and safety in a construction environment course which gets you prepared for making important site visits safely. All these options and more will help you set the standard for a safe working culture.


If you've left the armed forces and you're looking to gain qualifications and get back into work now you've returned to civilian life, you'll want the right skills to be able pursue a new career.

The Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELCAS), supported by the MOD and providing financial assistance to its retired service personnel, can support you with further learning.

Transport training

Do you want to drive your company further than ever before? Or maybe you want to be at the heart of the action back at base? There's loads you can learn that can help you progress in the transport training sector.

Budding drivers can access a wide range of lorry driving courses for Large Goods Vehicles. There are also other avenues open for topping up your skills like courses in making proper fire precautions and understanding road law. But if you'd prefer to be driving something a little nimbler at work, you can always learn forklift skills that'll pay the bills.

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