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GTG's Automotive Technical department offers a range of courses, from basic vehicle maintenance to electrical diagnostics and EV courses. We caught up with Technical Trainer and Department Team Leader Shaun Dunning to talk about his role, what he's learned and how he gets the best out of every trainee.

What is your role at GTG?

Technical Trainer & Department Team Leader

What courses do you teach?

Light Vehicle Apprentices, Hybrid & Electric Vehicles, Electrical Diagnostics, Air Conditioning and ATA – All routes.

What kinds of learners take your courses, and why?

We teach courses that range from basic maintenance to advanced engine and electrical diagnostics, right up to master technician level. So it all depends on the course. But all come with the same drive; to better themselves.

Can you tell us a progression story from one of your learners?

Numerous students have progressed onto master technician and management roles but more recently a third year apprentice has gone on to be a finalist in the WorldSkills UK championships, representing GTG and Arnold Clark, he came first in both Scottish and National heats to get to this point, so we are really excited to see what happens with him.

What transferable skills can you learn on an automotive technical course?

Teamwork, problem-solving and logical planning.

What kinds of things should learners look forward to when they take your courses?

Gaining technical knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere.

What kinds of jobs can an automotive technical course help people go on to?

Keeping yourself up to date in the motor trade is a must for anyone wanting to excel. The landscape is ever-changing with opportunities opening all over the place. These can range from electric vehicle technicians, master technicians and management roles to vehicle manufacturer careers or even Formula 1!

What are the most popular courses you teach at the moment, and why?

Hybrid and electric vehicle. These cars are becoming more obtainable and attractive to purchase, so everyone connected to the motor trade is having to up their game when it comes to understanding this technology.

What’s the best piece of wisdom you choose to share with your trainees?

‘Don’t sweat the small stuff.’

Take a look at our range of industry-accredited Automotive Technical courses, or get in touch to find out more.