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Find out how GTG’s three training centres can help put on a show – starting with Glasgow.

Orchestra playing inside GTGs Glasgow facility

GTG has been providing versatile event spaces to a wide range of organisations. We feature some of the events that have called GTG home over the past two years – and how GTG can help you host your own.

GTG has been a training provider for more than 50 years, but for more than a decade, our South Street training centre – a modern, multi-purpose, 61,000 sq. ft. facility – has been opening its doors to a wide range of businesses, charities and public sector organisations to help them showcase their services and products, giving them a platform to build on their operations.

GTG facilities

Conference and event spaces

 GTG’s conference and event space is versatile and can be adapted to a range of business needs. From a collection of desks to hundreds of attendees and keynote speakers, GTG has the space – and importantly, the technology to match – to help make conferences large and small a reality.

Meeting rooms

Elsewhere, GTG Glasgow has several meeting rooms which include break-out areas for group discussion or independent work away from the intensive classroom environment. For GTG, these are used to host everything from fire warden courses to time management and public speaking seminars, with projectors, TV screens, PCs and laptops, and IT support staff.

IT training spaces

In the IT domain, our specially designed IT suites are fitted with desktops and desks with laptop space, allowing for events and workshops to be hosted by different sides of the IT industry.

Technical workshops

Available to hire for events as diverse as automotive training sessions, professional demonstrations, or product launches, GTG’s technical workshops are available for short- or long-term use.

Such technical workshops are fully equipped to cater for all sorts of event hires thanks to specialist equipment like vehicle lifts and brake testing diagnostic equipment which can be used on both motor and light commercial vehicles.

Past events

Here are some examples of how GTG Glasgow has provided meeting rooms, event spaces and conference facilities, to satisfy the needs of a range of customers.

Restorative Dentistry conference

GTG played host to Restorative Dentistry’s Glasgow-based conference in Autumn 2020, all while adhering to the specific social distancing and face covering guidelines still in place during that time. This is what Ian Macmillan, Restorative Dentistry event organiser, had to say:

‘For a large-scale venue that’s going to be run really well – with lots of space, the creation of a safe environment and with a helpful team available throughout your event – I would thoroughly recommend GTG Glasgow.’

Police Scotland during COP26

GTG played an important role in hosting Police Scotland during the 26th International Climate Conference, or COP26, held in Glasgow in October and November 2021.

GTG’s vast vehicle storage space and meeting rooms were used throughout, while the quiet areas for rest and replenishment were frequented by officers between shifts on public order patrols or those who were providing security for government ministers, foreign dignitaries and climate scientists.

George Campbell, then Police Scotland Chief inspector, wrote in a letter to GTG Operations Manager Billy Hammond after the conference:

‘The policing operation for COP26 is considered the largest and most complex in the history of UK policing.

‘Tracey McCallum, GTG Facilities Manager, and her team were exceptional throughout the operation, assisting us to solve problems, especially during the pre-sessional phase when we did not have exclusive use of the GTG Glasgow site.

‘All my staff have commented on GTG employees’ friendly demeanour and professionalism, and I believe this significantly improved our ability to deploy officers effectively from GTG Glasgow into a very challenging police operation.’

No matter what your event or who is arriving, GTG Glasgow’s free parking and spacious car park will set attendees’ minds at rest as they embark on the day ahead  – as should the morning coffee and hot roll, or the lunchtime soup and sandwich, from our on-site canteen.

Find the space for your business to grow, with venue hire from GTG.