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Skills Development Scotland undertook an audit of the apprenticeship provisions delivered by GTG between 20th and 23rd November 2023.

The audit findings are judged against a set of criteria within Skills Development Scotland’s Quality Assurance and Improvement Framework.

The audit was undertaken through interviews with GTG staff, apprentices, and employer partners to establish a wide view of the deliverables. Upon conclusion of the visit, we have been graded as ‘Excellent’ across the Standards:



Quality Standard Grade

Service Delivery


Leadership and Quality Culture


Outcomes and Impact


We are delighted with the outcome, and the efforts of all involved to help us be the best that we can.  Our staff are motivated, committed and work hard to achieve the best outcome for our apprentices. We work with some of the most experienced and progressive employer partners, and thanks to these long-standing and trusting relationships, we understand their needs and are always improving and innovating to meet them.

GTG Director Billy Hammond said: “It is a very proud moment for everyone at GTG to be recognised for the hard work and efforts applied so that every apprentice is given the opportunity to learn, earn and succeed.”   

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