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At GTG we work closely with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) to provide IRTEC accreditations to the highest standards, all delivered by expert technician trainers across several sectors of the industry.

IRTEC engine exam

You’re an automotive fleet owner and you want your technicians to be able to deliver the best vehicle maintenance in the industry. But how do you make sure every new recruit has the skill set to match your goals? Sending learners on an IRTEC-accredited course at GTG will help build their skills to the highest industry standards.

According to the DVSA’s Summary of Annual Tests published in January 2020, more than one in ten vehicles tested in the UK in the second quarter of the 2019-2020 financial year failed a vehicle test. The most common reasons among these 11,000 failed tests – from the 200,000 carried out – were problems with headlight lamps, vehicle headlamp alignment, and alarmingly, brake system components.

Benefits for operators

A closer automotive industry focus on vehicle compliance means that for a vehicle fleet operator, having IRTEC-accredited technicians will give you the confidence that your fleet is being inspected and maintained to the highest standard, whether that’s carried out in-house or by an external vehicle repair provider year-round – not just for the vehicle’s annual MOT test. You can be assured every candidate has completed an in-depth training programme, acquired vital pre-requisite knowledge, and passed a strict practical assessment, in which the technician’s ability to follow an industry-recognised inspection process, and identify the severity of defects, is measured against the DVSA’s set criteria.

Vehicle maintenance providers

As a vehicle maintenance provider you’re set on giving your customers the confidence that the technicians inspecting a vehicle are trained to the highest standard. An IRTEC-inspection accreditation proves this in the final product, with every technician’s knowledge and ability assessed against a strict criteria. Plus, IRTEC also provides several levels of technician repair accreditation, from service technician to master tech level, with each candidate assessed on fault finding and repair skills, ensuring a first-time repair, reducing vehicle downtime and increasing the trust in, and profitability of, your business.

Iain King, HGV, bus and coach department supervisor and technical trainer GTG, says: ‘I believe that IRTEC is excellent for the LGV, bus and coach industry. This industry-standard accreditation gives you the confidence that any IRTEC technician carries out the inspection or repairs on a vehicle to the highest standards.’

Find the full range of IRTEC-accredited courses at GTG, across our three centres in Glasgow, Edinburgh and West Midlands.