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Learn how to safely operate a mobile access tower and get your PASMA card and certificate with GTG.

What is a PASMA course?

PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association) is an international organisation which promotes safety standards and best practice for the use of mobile access towers. Their courses are delivered at all different levels, from beginners to experienced contractors.

What is a mobile access (PASMA) tower?

A mobile access tower is a moveable scaffolding solution used by people who need a secure platform to work at height. It’s sometimes referred to as a PASMA tower as they are the organisation of choice for training in this apparatus.

Who needs PASMA training?

If you are responsible for building, dismantling, adjusting and inspecting a mobile access tower, a PASMA course is necessary to help you comply with Work at Height regulations. The regulations stipulate that anyone using this equipment and working at height must be able to prove their competency.

What’s involved in the PASMA Towers for Users course?

This is PASMA’s most popular course – over 70,000 people take it each year across the world. It can be completed by those who have no previous experience.

What is a PASMA card?

A PASMA card is issued when you complete a mobile access tower course at a PASMA-accredited centre like GTG. It shows that you have been trained on how to safely operate the tower, and is valid for five years.

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