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A handful of DPD’s new LGV driver apprentices, who bring a range of skills from past working backgrounds, share some thoughts on their new chosen career path.

DPD staff members standing in front of DPD lorry

Josh, LGV driver apprentice

‘Since leaving school I worked as a hospital cleaner for eight years, where, as you can imagine, there isn’t much progression available. I needed a new challenge and having had family members who have worked here, I always heard good things about the role. There is a lot of opportunity with your HGV licence, you can do anything you want to, really.

‘It’s early days in the apprenticeship but what I’d say I’m most looking forward to when I’m qualified is driving each day on an assigned route, almost like being your own boss, really, and having that responsibility for getting your work done each day.’

Sean, LGV driver apprentice

‘Before I came to DPD I was working in a warehouse driving forklifts for around two years, so I saw what was going on inside the warehouse, but I wanted to see more of what happened outside of it. My dad still works as a lorry driver and spoke highly of this company, so it made it even more appealing to me to try to get involved in this industry and to progress on a personal and professional level.

‘It’s a new challenge for myself and a new career path which is exciting for me. For now, I am learning the basics of driving larger vehicles, but looking further ahead to the future, I would like to be able to drive internationally if the opportunity arose.’

Lauren, LGV driver apprentice

‘I used to work in a supermarket warehouse doing a lot of heavy lifting, but I wanted to step up my career. That’s why I applied for this apprenticeship, to take that next step in my career.

‘I had a really good feeling about working for DPD and about becoming a driver for the company. I feel that it’s a role I can progress in. In a warehouse it’s more physical, but in driving large vehicles you are making decisions, using your brain more, thinking about how to do your work each day.

‘And of course, to have your learning paid for by your employer to help you achieve your goal – that’s massive for me. It’s all a new experience, but I am really enjoying the LGV training so far.

‘When I am qualified, I would like to travel widely around Britain through my driving. Of course, having a more interesting job than I had before, and earning money, is important, but the ability to travel and see different places, getting to know the roads and routes better around the country through a driver’s role, would be a really enjoyable part of the job for me.

Stacey Willetts, linehaul recruiter at DPD Oldbury

‘I started off at Sodexo which is the catering company within DPD, and after working in a senior secretarial role, I have since moved across into linehaul recruitment. I’ve really found a passion for apprenticeships and finding ways to future-proof the business through bringing new talent into the company.

‘We have had a long-standing relationship with GTG and have always had a training relationship which, while it has ebbed and flowed depending on apprentice intakes in different years, has been a constant in the training process. GTG has an outstanding track record in LGV training, indicated by their pass rate which is above the national average in this area of transport. They’re also home to experienced trainers in their field; this is why we chose GTG.

‘Our new apprentices aren’t just the next drivers; they’re the next shift managers, the next instructors within my team. We have a fantastic group of candidates who are going to get to know their role inside out, but GTG, for their part, have always been fantastic at keeping us in the loop with course progress and are very proactive in getting in touch with us and providing regular updates.’

Jamie Fraser, Client Relationship Manager at GTG:

From the initial conversations with Stacey and the team at DPD we knew the objective was to build a robust programme to develop talent within the business for years to come, and not just with a short-term solution.

‘The apprenticeship programme at DPD has been a success for many reasons, but the one that stands out for me is having the buy-in from top to bottom throughout DPD. I can’t wait to see more success stories from the current group which will help and motivate the apprentice cohorts of the future.’

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