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Keeping up with industry changes

The automotive industry is constantly evolving. In recent years, manufacturers have been responding to consumer and environmental needs and creating more mainstream hybrid and electric vehicles.

It is crucial that technicians adapt and expand their knowledge to keep up with these industry changes. GTG is here to ensure technicians are prepared to work safely with hybrid and electric vehicles.


Hybrid and electric quiz

How different are hybrid and electric cars from traditional cars? Take our quick quiz to see if you would know how to handle routine tasks on a hybrid or electric car.

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GTG workshops

At GTG, we understand the importance of having facilities and equipment that allow you to do your job effectively and safely. That’s why we’ve developed dedicated hybrid and electric training zones. These ramps can also be rented out for independent use.

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Electric transport training

As well as automotive training, GTG provides electric vehicle driver training. Get registered to drive alternatively fuelled vehicles and build your knowledge of hybrid and electric vehicles.

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